Ultimate Hair Wraps LLC The luxury of hair extensions that are attached to a wrap; A quick fix hairdo get yours today!

Care Instructions

Hand wash only with lukewarm water. Use hair shampoo to wash entire wrap.  Take fabric part only and rub together while cleaning.  When ready to shampoo the hair, hold the fabric upright in one hand and take dominate hand and rub shampoo on hair in a downward motion.  Rinse thoroughly until all traces of shampoo removed.  For best results apply a cream conditioner to the hair only.  Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water from hair in a downward motion.  Lay flat on a clean surface.  To help decrease tangles you may apply a liquid spray leave in conditioner or setting lotion to hair only.  Next hold fabric in place while flat and use a wide tooth comb to comb hair from bottom to top.  Let air dry. Not recommended for heat exceeding 360 degrees.

What if the wrap doesn't seem to fit?  What do I do?

Simply place both hands inside material and stretch it before wearing to loosen the material (pulling hands in opposite directions).  This flexible material allows you to expand the material to fit.  You can wear it over your ears or with ears exposed.  It also can be stretched far enough to cover the hairline and neck line.  Don't worry if some of the stitching pulls away from the seam it will not fall apart or disrupt the look of the wrap.  It will still be intact.  It has enough stitching reinforced to ensure security of the wrap; it is design for wear and tear.  The best money spent!

Does my head have to be bald or have short hair?

No.  It doesn't matter if you have hair or not.  For short hair, you can comb your hair back or wrap in a circle before you put on your head.  For long hair, you can pull hair back into a low set ponytail, take the rest of the hair either put in a ball, tuck it, or twist it and pin it in place, then apply the wrap.  You can also comb hair straight back and blend it with the hair extensions.

Do I have to wear a wig cap?

No.  You can wear one but it is not needed.  I have worn it both ways.

How can I adjust the fabric to make different designs?

While the wrap is on your head, look in the mirror while you style it and use both your hands to manipulate the fabric to your desired look.  You can also use one hand to hold it in place while on your head and pull the inside flap in the direction you want it to go and create a new look.  You will have so much fun creating different styles!